Blocks and slides

Our Cell Control Arrays are homogenous paraffin blocks with different numbers of embedded control cell
lines. The small size of the control block sections allows simultaneous mounting of patient material sections
and control block sections on the same slide. Thus, you will have an on-slide control array staining
(OSCAR) to verify a regular stain even after years of storage. All blocks can be cut by conventional methods
and mounted on coated slides.

Product Cat. no. Amount Status Info
Cell Control Array ALK (IHC) MB-CC ALK 1 Block RUO
Cell Control Array Bacteria plus Fungi MB-CC BAC 1 Block RUO
Cell Control Array Receptor MB-CC REZ 1 Block RUO
Cell Control Array Virus MB-CC VIR 1 Block RUO
Cell Control Slides HPV MB-CC HPV-S 1 Pack (5 Slides) RUO
Cell Control Slides PD-L1 (graded) CCS-PDL1-G 1 Pack (5 slides) RUO

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