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Chromogenic in situ hybridization

Chromogenic in situ hybridization (CISH) was developed to provide an alternative to FISH. Instead of direct fluorescence labelling of the probe, various haptens – digoxigenin, biotin, dinitrophenyl – are used which are detected in a multi-stage procedure by means of chromogenic precipitate formation.

These specimens can be evaluated using a normal light microscope, which is part of the equipment of any pathology department. Moreover, the morphological context is substantially easier to assess than in the case of FISH, and the specimens can be stored longer.

The CISH product group includes two product lines:

ZytoDot ®

Overnight hybridization and detection on the next day.

ZytoFast ®

Hybridization within one to two hours and detection on the same day

All pathogen diagnostic products fall into this category.

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