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Filter sets

For brilliant optical representation, it is essential that your microscope is equipped with filter sets matching our probes. Filters sets are built into a filter holder fitting your microscope, they may also be provided on a loan basis. Please contact us concerning this matter.

ZytoLight ® fluorochromes

Fluorochrome Excitation Emission entspricht
ZyBlue™ 418 nm 467 nm DEAC
ZyGreen™ 503 nm 528 nm FITC
ZyGold™ 532 nm 553 nm Rhodamine 6G
ZyOrange™ 547 nm 572 nm Rhodamine
ZyRed™ 580 nm 599 nm TexasRed®

Recommended filter sets for ZytoLight ® probes

Produkt Best-Nr. Preis
DAPI Single Bandpass Filter Set v2 E-4030-1 auf Anfrage
DAPI/ZyGreen™/ZyOrange™ Triple Bandpass Filter Set E-4010-1 auf Anfrage
ZyBlue™ Single Bandpass Filter Set v2 E-4026-1 auf Anfrage
ZyBlue™/ZyGreen™/ZyOrange™ Triple Bandpass Filter Set E-4028-1 auf Anfrage
ZyGold™ Single Bandpass Filter Set v2 E-4027-1 auf Anfrage
ZyGreen™ Single Bandpass Filter Set v2 E-4012-1 auf Anfrage
ZyGreen™/ZyOrange™ Dual Bandpass Filter Set v2 E-4016-1 auf Anfrage
ZyOrange™ Single Bandpass Filter Set v2 E-4013-1 auf Anfrage
ZyRed™ Single Bandpass Filter Set v2 E-4017-1 auf Anfrage

Product availability

Products may not be approved or available in your region. Please check with your local Zytomed-Systems representative.

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